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Tsunami-Volcanic Ash Clean-up

Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC family!

The coordinated efforts for the cleaning up campaign made a difference today. You can see from these photos that we managed to clean about 70% of the roofs.

We began at 5am on the roads. The lighter ones were up on the roof and the heavy weights remained below!

The concerted efforts from the teachers, students, ex-students, some parents and other volunteers did a wonderful job today. We’ll resume at 5am tomorrow morning!

Hopefully, we’ll get the school cleaned-up and ready before we begin next week.

One news that is deeply saddening for me is the expatriate woman who died at Kanokupolu. Angela Glover was a veterinarian and a week before the eruption she had informed me of her interest to come and work at AFC. Of course I accepted it straight away only to learn of this terrible tragedy.

Please pray for the happy repose of her soul and for all of us here in Tonga.

Viva AFC!


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